Through the use of creative techniques and music and with a focus on the experiential aspect, I aim to create a secure, holding, educative and fruitful environment for professionals (supervisees). Thereupon, they can draw upon the theoretical knowledge and practical skills needed to broaden the understanding of their cases, deepen their awareness and cultivate their ability to relate with themselves and their therapees.

Supervision can take a group or one-to-one form and address issues such as a therapist’s role and stance, transference and countertransference material, the therapeutic contract and relationship or the use and meaning of specific therapeutic techniques.

An interesting analogy for supervision is portrayed in the following Aesopian myth about Alitheia (Αλήθεια = truth, truthfulness):

One day, the titan Prometheus decided to mold Alitheia from clay, imbuing his creation with all of his mastery and ingenuity, so that she could determine the behavior of humans. Before he breathed life into her, he was called away by Zeus. Dolos (= Deceit), Prometheus’ apprentice, seized this opportunity to mold a replica of Alitheia. However, he didn’t have enough clay to finish her legs. When Prometheus returned, he was surprised to find two identical creations. After admiring them, he decided to bring both of them to life. Then, the holy Alitheia walked with measured steps, whereas Dolos’ unfinished replica remained stuck. 

Often, the truth becomes obscured under false notions and murky waters. In order for it to surface, a mirror that casts light is needed. For mental health professionals and psychotherapists, that bright mirror is the process of supervision.

* I offer sessions both in english or in greek, online or in person (if possible according to COVID-19 restrictions).