Psychotherapy has the power to break your chains. While you reconnect with the essence of who you truly are, you free yourself from your disillusionments and move towards a brighter, more fulfilled way of being. By engaging your creativity, imagination, humor, playfulness and using mindfulness, visualization, music, as well as your body and senses as tools, I’ll accompany you into meeting and awakening your true Self.

One of the most beautiful analogies/metaphors for psychotherapy is Plato’s allegory of the cave: 

A group of people have been living in a cave all their lives, chained to a wall. Unable to see outside of the cave or behind them, where a flame that illuminates moving objects rests and casts shadows on the cave walls, the prisoners start attributing meaning and context to these shadows, believing they are real. But if the prisoners were to break their chains and enter the outside world, withstanding the blinding sunlight, they’d realize that a brand new, expanded horizon lies before them, with innumerable, different choices and sources of beauty to explore. And they’d come to understand that the shadows of their former lives were nothing more than counterfeit projections and a far cry from the truth about themselves and the world. ” 

Psychotherapy, on a practical level, can take different forms – individual, couples, group, parental – and a plethora of psychotherapeutic approaches exist. But the common denominator is the end-goal and the groundwork they all built upon: the safe, empathetic, respectful and confidential therapeutic relationship between me and you.


* I offer sessions both in english or in greek, online or in person (if possible according to COVID-19 restrictions).