Clinical Assessment

Clinical Assessment for Children & Adolescents

My toddler hasn’t started talking and communicating yet.

My child’s teacher is concerned about their learning ability and attentiveness levels.

My teenager acts withdrawn or lashes out.

If your child faces such challenges, a clinical assessment can be an invaluable resource. 

Child development encompasses a fluctuating rhythm of constant and intermittent developmental changes. At times, the natural flow of the developmental process may be obstructed, stunting a child’s budding abilities and affecting various aspects of their life. By way of the clinical assessment, I address your child’s emotional, psychological, developmental and learning difficulties. 

A clinical assessment is a meeting that takes place between myself and your child, in a safe, soothing and confidential environment. Through the use of creative activities like drawing and playing, open-minded and honest communication and structured assessment tools, I gather information about the background history of the presenting issue and its roots. My aim is to clearly map out your child’s resources and problem areas, including those of your immediate family. Thereupon, we formulate together a concise and efficient plan to support you as a whole.Through this process, you will discover new ways of managing your challenges, making the most of your strengths and bridging the weaknesses. 

If you are debating whether your child needs a clinical assessment, feel free to contact me


* I offer sessions both in english and in greek, online or in person (if possible according to COVID-19 restrictions).